We believe the best learning takes place through meaningful play and exploration, so we fill our classroom environment with opportunities for children to explore new and interesting processes and materials. Preschool children are naturally curious and receptive. Young children develop at different rates. Special attention is given to each child to encourage development at their own rate. Children are encouraged to observe, question, explore, and experiment. Initiative is encouraged and accomplishments are praised! 



We believe that children are a gift from the Lord (Ps. 127:3). A Christian emphasis is provided to develop spiritual understanding in an age-appropriate way. We teach the Bible as God’s Holy Word. Bible stories and songs are a part of our school day. Our teachers and staff provide Christian role modeling through classroom prayer, and displaying love and forgiveness. We teach and help develop character traits such as forgiveness, kindness, obedience, etc. We celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.



Social skill development is crucial at this age level. We help aid the children in developing interpersonal skills such as: 

  • Cooperating with others
  • Using basic manners
  • Learning with and from others
  • Interfacing with teachers and peers
  • Learning to help others and work as part of a group
  • Learning to care and cooperate with others, ex. taking turns
  • Problem solving with others



We believe preschool age children need to be given opportunities to foster self-worth and confidence. We also teach the importance of respect for others. Children learn the importance of showing empathy, caring, sharing and listening. 



Gross Motor Development (maturing of the large muscles, i.e. legs, arms) Greece Christian Preschool has a spacious gym which provides the setting for their physical development. Children develop their large motor skills such as running, jumping, throwing, and kicking. Children also enjoy the freedom to explore and play outside on our playground which is equipped with slides, swings, and climbing equipment.

Fine Motor Development (maturing of the small muscles, i.e. fingers) We provide many ways for children to develop their fine motor muscles: puzzles, manipulatives, painting, stamps, lacing cards, writing with various tools such as pencils, markers, crayons.



Our program is carefully planned to stimulate cognitive learning. We introduce literacy and language concepts, mathematical ideas, and science and nature activities. Our program also incorporates the basic components of oral language development, phonic awareness, and print knowledge with sign language and finger spelling.

Exploration and Play

Children are given opportunities to learn and discover through play. Play-based experiences and independent learning centers are provided to foster and engage creativity and to stimulate personal interests. As children “play” they are learning about the world around them. The toys and materials are chosen to stimulate a young child’s natural curiosity, desire to learn, and creative imagination. A wide range of art materials inspire creativity and freedom of expression. Books, music, musical instruments, and role-playing materials are also an important part of each classroom.

Special Events and Community Involvement

Field trips and Community Helper Presentations are part of our curriculum. We believe that children should explore their community and culture. Some of our Community Helper Guests that visit our classrooms throughout the year are: a Firefighter, a Dentist Hygienist, a Police Officer and a Doctor’s Assistant. Some of our field trips may include: a farm field trip, the Greece Public Library, the Seneca Park Zoo, the North Greece Fire Station. Program Highlights include: Cooking Up a Story, Mystery Readers, Gym Days, Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas Concert, New Year and Valentines’ Parties, Easter Celebration, and a Graduation Ceremony.